Hive Status: mostly cleared up (H2 blockers yay!)

Class Status: Just took a Chemistry test, I should have done pretty darn good on it. The last question was about the Bronsted-Lowry definition of an acid and there's a different definition I forgot the name of but I got the two mixed up. So I missed one, dunno about the rest. I outsmarted one of the ones I was stuck on. It was asking about which G value would have the highest K value and I was like "...uuuhh...." but there was an equation for it so I just plugged in the two most extreme answers and figured it out :D HO HO.

Paper Status: lol.

Sign outside a Church Status: "Stop Drop and Roll doesn't work in hell!"

Work Status: Been out of assignments all week and therefore doing nothing. If I worked at some form of big corporation I'd have been laid off by now.

Neuroses Status: I am way too hard on myself. If I get good grades on things I tend to not really feel all that proud of myself just "Well, that's what I expect of me" and go on. So when I do bad it's just... bjawkwjark. I'm INSANE.

Registration Status: Completed. On TIME for a change! I picked the Friday afternoon lab, but I should have a little while to figure out which I want. Well, I don't want either. But... you know.

My Eye: swollen shut. jf;aslkdjf It's amazing how much only having one eye impairs the vision though. graaah.

My shoulder: about a 4 inch diameter circle of swollenness that makes it hurt to raise my arm

Casanova: It's like the Doctor is spending a few years in that 18th century to sex up some ladies and IIII LIKE IT.

Homework: Pretty much didn't get anything done due to distraction of the eye.

Sleep: postponed due to hunger. consuming pop tarts.

Venture Brothers: FUCKIN' MISSED. Is it on the fix? please tell me it's on the fix :(!

Ok back to bed and up annoyingly early to visit the clinic.
Today was longggggggg

Botched my Chemistry Lab Post-Lab questiong but it was my own dumb fault =\

Japanese club was.... 3 people. me, the president girl, and one other girl i'd never seen before. there was another dude there that was a friend of the president but denied affiliation. New plan is to have 2 meetings a month on different days of the week to make it more open to more people. Otherwise we sat around for like an hour and a half talking about final fantasy and anime and it was the most nerdy discussion i've had outside the internet ... probably ever. But anyhow.

I was toooootally out of it during lab cuz I was dying of hunger. I was planning on eating after japanese club and before lab but since we nerded out for so long I just had to go without. Afterward I downed a whopper and fries. My arterrieesssssssssssss

Ok going to do week-late kanji homework I forgot and maybe draw something (!)

For tomorrow: Ecology reading (Chapter 8 and Web CT article) and PICK A DAMN GREEK HERO ALREADY.
went to the halloween store at the mall today. There seems to be a problem. No top hats. No canes. Except a pimp cane. And no pipes, except for one very stereotypically holmesy pipe as part of a "Casanova" costume that looked more like Hugh Hefner than Casanova. I need the other store but I don't know if it'll be around this year. :(!

Plans Potentially FOILED.

I suppose I'd still have to buy the deerstalker online anyway but but but I wanted the top hat and can because it AMUSES ME

And I'm still short a pair black slacks.


Thank you, Hot Pot Radio! :D

Blah blah blah class. Nothing to see here, move along.

EDIT: oshi I forgot about this folder of reference pictures I saved last summer. A big incriminating folder full of NAKED MEN. But now I've told you all about it so it can't be used as blackmail! HA


Sep. 11th, 2006 04:37 pm
#42] UVERworld - SORA - Jrock/Pop from the group who does the latest Blood + opening theme (got it on the single). It sounds very much like Orange Range. I like Jrock because it seems to be stuck in sounding a little like 90's rock still, and this one does, but not as much as some of their other songs. It's pretty melodramatic and judging by my taste in American music I should hate it. But I don't!

#562] Frederich Chopin - Prelude No. 18 in F minor - One of Chopin's preludes that I'm not terribly familiar with =X. It's also very short! *fails* (wish it were 15, I play that one and LIKE IT ALOT).

#13] Record of Lodoss Opening Theme - Me and Liz, back when we rented Slayers on VHS in like 8th grade, would always hear this song in the previews for the show. Enough to where we could sing along with it. Eventually we watched the show. Durr. Anyway, I still dig this song alot, it's got a very old feel (fitting) and it's all flowy with fantasic percussion and... stuff. Yeah. I think it might be for that second series they did? I dont' remember :'(

#3698] Weird Al Yankovich - Truck Drivin' Song - BUT STILL I'M DRIVING A TRUCK WITH MY HIGH HEELS ON. Enough said xD

#57] Yoko Kanno - Mushroom Hunting - Haha, Cowboy Bebop weirdness. From an episode about psychadelic mushrooms. Fuckin' A. Got a great funky bassline and some fun saxophone soloing. Whee.


In other news, somebody came by again about the a/c thing. The rattling and groaning noises have stopped but the rumble persists =\
I suppose at least the living room doesn't make me insane anymore. It needs to be fall so those jerks will TURN IT OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. They never turn it off! EVER! We only leave ours on during the day, by nighttime we don't need anymore, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM. AUGH. hate.
Wow there's some guy walking around in red white and blue shorts with a big stars and stripes hat and a flag around his shoulders. NEVAH 4GET.

Whined about noisy a/c again. Not optomistic.

Otherwise I slept SUPER crappy and now I'm at school an hour early. And I would very much like to take a nap. And I have lab tonight. jfkfajs;faj.



Oh and I missed venture bros again last night. pff.




--ANNE <3
oh man. whichever a/c unit it is that makes my room rumble... IS OFF.

Oh my god. It's glorious.

Too bad i have to go to class in 30 minutes otherwise I would GO BACK TO BED RIGHT NOW. Actually IN my bed.

O sigh. Regardless, nobody's been by to see what's wrong with it which sucks. If the noise is back and no one has come by this afternoon I'm going back to the office and whining.

EDIT: Oh yeah! Vee and Sara, I will totally mail those CDs to you I swear, I just suck and totally keep forgetting.

today was as lame as a monday ever has been. Early morning doc appointment to get a new BC prescription but I couldn't get the full exam cuz I'm all messed up due to getting off last week so I just get one month and I have to go back on the 15th for another early morning appointment but this time it's the whole thing.

And then I had lab in the evening. I guess it wasn't THAT bad but the lab partner I ended up with hasn't had chemistry in a long time (which is weird since I'm in 112 not 11) but that means I'm going to have to be explaining pretty much everything to him the whole way through, I predict. LAME.

Have also slept on the couch the past two days cuz RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE. Haven't decided if I'm going to try again tonight. Last night I didn't sleep for CRAP.

HOWEVER! I did go to the office and ask about that and I was expecting to be told that that's just how the A/C but the lady said it really shouldn't be like that and sent a maintenence person to check out how it actually sounded and she said that it's normal for it to have mechanical noise over there because the three a/c units (for our apartment and the two below us) are on our roof. But she said it's not supposed to be that loud and that it probably means something is up with one of them. Supposedly somebody will be coming by to check out the units tomorrow. I HOPE IT GETS BETTER I WILL BE SO MAD IF IT DOESN'T. But at least it really IS louder than normal and I'm not just being a big princess-and-the-pea pussy. =\

Hey guess who's already behind in reading for classes! Inevitable =\

I never signed up for piano lessons again this semester. I just toally spaced it. I'm pretty sure it's not too late but I have to find some lady named York but I don't know anythign else about her but the last name or anything. Shouldn't be that hard I just have to actually like... Do it.

Xenosaga III comes out tomorrow (more like wednesday in reality) but I dunno when I'm actually going to buy it. Rent's coming up and my next paycheck is going to be like half of what it should be I think? Something like that. Soooo... Shelling out 40 bucks for a game doesn't sound like a very good idea. And I'm still bitter about XSII. I started replaying it and it is most definitely worse than I remember from the first time through. The acting the directing the gameplay EVERYTHING is just... GNAR. Ok it had a few shining moments. but FEW. Bah.

I should get ready for bed.
.... In other news I'm getting rid of a bunch of DVD's and CD's that I don't really want anymore. Here's a big list. Plz 2 b commenting if you want any of it.


Otherwise they're just going to hastings where they will be unloved and underappreciated.
Woah I'm using semagic. this is WEIRD.

It's so fancy.

Anyway. For my own personal use, a list of upcoming expenses for this week:
-10$ prescription
-40$ two window drape panels
-~30$ some form of cheapo bookshelf



I've already used almost a quarter of a tank of gas. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. >:[
I blame moving, I guess. Been running back and forth between houses alot and so forth.

anyway. I think I'll read a bit and go to bed.

And boy do I have alot to say about it (most of it negative unfortunately)


now I'm off to watch stuff blow up :)
[ profile] lizbobious!

My sister's applying for Starbucks and doesn't know what to put for "What do you like about coffee"

What'd you put? (It's not cheating cuz.... cuz it's not. ;D)

I ordered some.

And they're nuts.

4 inch heel insanity. I CAN'T WAAALLKKKK. They have a big ugly buckle anyway so they're getting sent back. But still. CRAZZYYY.

What I would really like right now is a pair of little sandally things that are nice enough to wear with skirts. cuz I get sick of flip flops. but I can't FIND them. :(

Anyway. my feet are deranged.
Eyemasters is cool and fixed up my glasses for me for FREEEEE

I need to get working on this paper for my film class HARDCORE. It's due at the end of the month and even though I haven't gotten the DVD from amazon yet (snarl) I can do the book bits now.


Class. *rollarse*
blah blah blah tests blah blah blah chemistry labs blah blah blah hungry blah blah want KHII blah blah ....
I WANT THIS but they don't have it in a smallllll :'(

Ugh Biology test is in 4.5 hours


Hey I don't have any reservoir dogs or kill bill icons.

wtf is my problem.
I didn't know the Day of Silence was tomorrow! Drat.

I want to try but I don't know that I can make it through my Chemistry lab without talking D:

Wow this semester's almost over. I'm kind of relieved but summer is... eh for me. And I don't want to move. Thhhbbttt.

Watched Jeeves and Wooster. It was rad. Been having crazy urges to watch Cowboy Bebop and Utena. No TIIIIIIIIIIME. Woe.

I'm bored/boring.
Maaaaan I want to buy Kingdom Hearts II. But no monieezzzz. And I sort of decided not to get it until I finish MGS and MGS2.

I could finish MGS today but I may or may not get to it because I need to go to the library and make myself study for this biology test tomorrow. I was focusing only on my Chemistry test all last week and nearly forgot about it completely =x

Stupid bones. And insert generic complaint about daylight savings time here.

Off to eat and get dressed.



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