Hive Status: mostly cleared up (H2 blockers yay!)

Class Status: Just took a Chemistry test, I should have done pretty darn good on it. The last question was about the Bronsted-Lowry definition of an acid and there's a different definition I forgot the name of but I got the two mixed up. So I missed one, dunno about the rest. I outsmarted one of the ones I was stuck on. It was asking about which G value would have the highest K value and I was like "...uuuhh...." but there was an equation for it so I just plugged in the two most extreme answers and figured it out :D HO HO.

Paper Status: lol.

Sign outside a Church Status: "Stop Drop and Roll doesn't work in hell!"

Work Status: Been out of assignments all week and therefore doing nothing. If I worked at some form of big corporation I'd have been laid off by now.

Neuroses Status: I am way too hard on myself. If I get good grades on things I tend to not really feel all that proud of myself just "Well, that's what I expect of me" and go on. So when I do bad it's just... bjawkwjark. I'm INSANE.

Registration Status: Completed. On TIME for a change! I picked the Friday afternoon lab, but I should have a little while to figure out which I want. Well, I don't want either. But... you know.
This morning is eewwww.

Went to bed at around 3 AM because I was doing Chemistry and .... reading Jeeves and Wooster fanfic ... and by then I was like DEAR GOD I NEED TO JUST GO TO BED. I was sort of hungry but I was too tired/lazy to make food so I went to bed hungry, which never really works cuz then I sleep badly. I did manage to fall asleep but I had a dream that somebody was bombing us, but it was a really really super weird dream. There were yachts involved? I don't really remeber. I think our bomb shelter was a tent. That's.... effective.


There's a Japanese Club meeting today. I never went last year because it was during my piano lesson. It's kind of ALOT inconvenient though because my last class gets out at 3:30, the meeting is at 4:00 and I have a lab at 6. An hour/An hour and a half is not enough time to go home in between. So if I go to this meeting I will be on campus from 11:00 AM till probably 8:00 PM

I guess I can decide after ecology if I'm gonna stay and if I do, buy some food on campus or something.

Speaking of which I could use some more food than just cereal and to finish getting ready.
On my penchant for dressing up as boys for Halloween:

zero: Sherlock would work
OMG Ford Prefect: Girllock
OMG Ford Prefect: =\
OMG Ford Prefect: i think i'm a closset transsexual and i just don't know it
OMG Ford Prefect: but i like having long hair too much
OMG Ford Prefect: and skirts
OMG Ford Prefect: and boots with heels
OMG Ford Prefect: I want to switch gender at will. Like some sort of sea creature.
zero: like Ranma 1/2
OMG Ford Prefect: YES
OMG Ford Prefect: like that.
zero: Normally I would call someone like you a freak but you manage to be an awkward gender confused sexual nonsexual and yet be completely normal


I suck.

know WHY?

Cuz I just ran into carmello again.


he rambled at me about some gallery show he went to in el pas and how AMAZING AND DEEP it was.

Before he left he was like "well I can give you a call or something if you want, see if you're not busy...." and I was ilke "uhhhhhh well uhhhhhhhhhh whateverrrrr.........................."
and it sucked.

and I'm awkward.



ok gonna ... do japanese homework i should have done last night now ;_____;

dangit do I feel poor! Here is a list of things I need/want to use money on

-Cable TV/Internet bill
-Gas bill
-Electric bill
-1st Cultural Series concert (Jazz Singer from Russia whose name i'd have to look up)
-That T-shirt if I get an A
-Halloween supplies (black pants, deerstalker, top hat, cane)
-Whatever they make me pay for at the Doctor tomorrow.

I don't want to have to ask for money again before October D:

I haven't even been studying enough to justify working as little as I do.

ok ok ok.
This weekend. I will get caught up in Mythology reading, make vocab and kanji flashcards for Japanese, do Chemistry lab homework, and get caught up on Ecology as well. I finished Xenosaga so I should be less easily distracted at least. D:

lolz :'(
Claire says the maitenance people finally came by today and that they've been up on the roof twice

Bad news is, my room is still just as loud and vibratey =\

This is extremely discouraging. :(
I tried to sleep in my room again last night and couldn't and if they can't fix it... then I'm just sleeping on the couch until summer's over.

But it doesn't make SENSE! I was sleeping just FINE for like a month!


(and I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it)

today was as lame as a monday ever has been. Early morning doc appointment to get a new BC prescription but I couldn't get the full exam cuz I'm all messed up due to getting off last week so I just get one month and I have to go back on the 15th for another early morning appointment but this time it's the whole thing.

And then I had lab in the evening. I guess it wasn't THAT bad but the lab partner I ended up with hasn't had chemistry in a long time (which is weird since I'm in 112 not 11) but that means I'm going to have to be explaining pretty much everything to him the whole way through, I predict. LAME.

Have also slept on the couch the past two days cuz RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE. Haven't decided if I'm going to try again tonight. Last night I didn't sleep for CRAP.

HOWEVER! I did go to the office and ask about that and I was expecting to be told that that's just how the A/C but the lady said it really shouldn't be like that and sent a maintenence person to check out how it actually sounded and she said that it's normal for it to have mechanical noise over there because the three a/c units (for our apartment and the two below us) are on our roof. But she said it's not supposed to be that loud and that it probably means something is up with one of them. Supposedly somebody will be coming by to check out the units tomorrow. I HOPE IT GETS BETTER I WILL BE SO MAD IF IT DOESN'T. But at least it really IS louder than normal and I'm not just being a big princess-and-the-pea pussy. =\

Hey guess who's already behind in reading for classes! Inevitable =\

I never signed up for piano lessons again this semester. I just toally spaced it. I'm pretty sure it's not too late but I have to find some lady named York but I don't know anythign else about her but the last name or anything. Shouldn't be that hard I just have to actually like... Do it.

Xenosaga III comes out tomorrow (more like wednesday in reality) but I dunno when I'm actually going to buy it. Rent's coming up and my next paycheck is going to be like half of what it should be I think? Something like that. Soooo... Shelling out 40 bucks for a game doesn't sound like a very good idea. And I'm still bitter about XSII. I started replaying it and it is most definitely worse than I remember from the first time through. The acting the directing the gameplay EVERYTHING is just... GNAR. Ok it had a few shining moments. but FEW. Bah.

I should get ready for bed.

More stuff

Aug. 26th, 2006 11:32 pm
So in the middle of summer I got this email from the Biology department about this program for Biology/Medical students where you work with a faculty member on research stuff during the school year and then really hardcore in the summer. And at first I looked at the application requirements and was like "OH GOD I'm not sure enough of what I want to do for this" and sort of disregarded it. But the deadline got pushed back and at a open house type thing for my job, my boss was running around introducing me to Bio faculty (while I was having a social anxiety panic attack) a few of whom encouraged me to try for the program. So I went back and looked at the original email and it's doable even though I only have 2 weeks to writing an application letter, related resume, and interview at least 3 faculty members to see who I would prefer as a mentor for the program. Gah. But ... one of the parts about it that worries me (along with my social anxiety about interviewing faculty) is that you're expected to stay in the program through your senior year. And then with the summer that takes away any possibility of study abroad I might have considered (though I wasn't considering very seriously just yet).

It's like I'm afraid t apply for it. For one there is my horrible hideous shyness problem and I know that shouldn't keep me from doing it but I don't know... I feel like my resistance to trying for it is stronger than that. Fear of failure so I don't want to try? Fear I will hate it? WHAT?! I don't know. I know I should really try to do it but something seriously is making me FREAK OUT ABOUT IT. Like right now. As I just write about doing it I'm feeling SO STRESSED AND PANICKY AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. Like tearing up anxiety. I'm serious. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME GUYS :(

I guess I don't really feel all that passionate about my major at the moment. After how much I hated biology last semester and how I'm really not looking forward to my current one I just don't know what I want and I feel like everything I'm doing is nothing that I want to do! BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO :(

Ben Folds is right. It really DOES suck to grow up.
I think I'm down to six hours a week at work now because my thursday schedule isn't very allowing for the hours folks are at the office and another girl there wants to work a little more. So that means instead of 120 a paycheck it'll be 72. =\

I've only got 13 credit hours this semester so I feel like I *should* be able to work more than I am. SIGH. As much as I didn't want to work during school these past few semesters, I SURE LIKE GETTING MONEY. It'll proooobably be for the better ultimately. But I want that 48 bucks back! I imagine people's schedules might be shifting around and so on, so maybe i can get some of those back. Because that's hardly going to help anything. I'll talk to my boss and see what we can do maybe. Now that I'm paying bills once a month instead of in a heap to the university at the beginning of the semester I feel more obligated to contribute.

puking is pretty much the worst thing ever.

And I don't know what did it :(

Cuz... at around 10 or 11 I had some ice cream and around 4 am I was depositing it back up. I had Taquitos too but those seemed to be mostly digested already (lol GROSS). But like... who gets sick from chocolate ice cream? My other theory is having to take two of my BC pills to make up for having forgotten them over the weekend but that might be paranoia talking. I have to take two today too so I'm all paranoid. fjfkfla.

Had to reschedule my doctors appointment for a new prescription too (cuz of the illness and also because missing pills has made me start spotting). It's for next monday and I hope I'm not having the latter problem then (possible though). But I guess we'll see.

Update... well....

Kitty passed away about 4 this afternoon. My dad hadn't called me by about 6 and I was like "uhm..." so I called and he totally didn't want to tell me, but he did eventually. WAAAAH :(

Kitty :(

In memory, here is the only picture of him I seem to have access to because I left most of my picture junk in carlsbad:
Some ridiculous page my sister made for him when we first got the internet. Worst Picture Ever

He was alot better looking than that, I swear.
Not all... pixelly.

Sigh :(

Gonna be so freaky coming home and having him not be there next time....

Dear Indy,
I'm gonna miss you, you old fart. I'm really sorry for all the times we dressed you up in doll clothes. We were really little and didn't know anybody. I didn't really mind much when you would knead my head and chew on my hair until you started biting my scalp. That was a bit out of line. I'm also sorry we always made fun of your squeaky voice. That's our fault for neutering you. Sorry for... you know.... destroying your masculinity. I hope the times I let you drool all over me in your old age help make up for it just a little.

Really gonna miss you. Even if you bit me alot.
Haha I had a dream and Commodore Norrington had gone all HARDCORE PIRATE CAPTAIN
;klasjd;flakshd;ha;gha;wlhgh Hot :(

Anyway I've been moving my sister for the past few days and it's tiring.

Haven't even started seriously moving me yet D:
o sigh.
lajksdf;j having moving anxiety.

The air conditioner at our new place seems to suck. ALOT. This is absolutely intolerable when you live in nature's hair dryer. I expressed distress at the toasty state of the place and my sister was like NO IT'S BETTER THAN IT WAS and I'm like yeah it's better than no a/c but it's still ajsdf;jfjf

Somehow the a/c at this apartment I'm in now works great and I don't know why.


We moved a bunch of my sister's stuff and a dresser for me today after dark because it's too hot to LIVE while the sun is up. And it was still absolutely awful. I like my sister's idea of doing it like a relay. 3rd floor. ugh.

Anyway. All I can do is hope that it gets better. I also hope me and Claire and Charles all get along okay when we live together. It's almost a little sad because I always go over there when I don't feel like being at home but that'll be home so WHERE WILL I GO? Sigh.

I am the master of freaking out when it's not necessary. Sigh :(

EDIT: Woah, this eljay turned 5 years old a week ago. RIDICULOUS

I had a RE-RE morning. I took too long getting reading so I was outside about to take off walking but i looked at my phone at it was 10:07 and I was like CRAP cuz there's no way i could make it by walking. so I went over to my bike but both the tires were too flat for riding so I was like NOW WHAT. I decided to drive even though that's retarded cuz I only live like... 3/4 a mile from school D:
But I did anyway but the only parking spaces open in the most convenient lot said "Reserved for COE" which I don't know what is. But anyway I ended up driving all around campus trying to find a space, giving up, and going back to the first place and just parking in the reserved section. It was a hideous waste of time and gas I tell you what. Especially because I was late for class anyway.

I will drown my sorrows in freshly downloaded Dr. Who and possibly finally writing up on the rest of that craptastic book.

And this rice when it gets done cooking.
ok so we're not seeing pirates today cuz work schedules suck


When will i get to see this movie >:O!?

My math class is like learning to swim by jumping in the deep end and hoping you float. Gonk.
My air conditioner is so gross and humid and ineffective man D:
I've been sleeping like CRAP lately.

My A/C wasn't like this a few weeks ago. It's like we got rain and now it's just FREAKING OUT or... something. I don't know :(

I have to start my math class today (so I should be getting ready not typing) which sucks but we're seeing Pirates tonight so at least there's that.

I've been kinda grumpy since yesterday. I think I'll call my dad.
We looked at our first apartment today. It won't really work because they don't allow pets and there's no way we're getting rid of Charles' cat. It wasn't all that great anyway.

The realities of movie off campus are kind of sinking in like how the apartment hunting process is probably going to be a really frustrating one and I'm going to have to buy things I haven't had since I live off campus. Important things like a bed. The other big question is who gets the master bedroom. None of us really want to have to share it, but u no. We were thinking of giving it to charles because he's a boy and he smells but that's like... rewarding the smelliness.

I dunno I'm suddenly scared like I am of everything I haven't done before Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. It'll get better.

I hope =X
First day of work:
Meh. Probably better than data entry - at least more interesting. My lack of decent non-tshirt shirts might prove a problem eventually though. Plus the crazy heat. I achieved one good thing which was making the printer on the computer I'm using work and did one dumb thing which was accidentally print a bunch of letters twice since they were all on the same word document even though I only wanted to redo one. D:

I guess it'll get easier as I get used to it.

After that we rather randomly went to White Sands which was fun but also prickly and invasive. Got some awesome sunset clouds though, it was super pretty :)

ok making a bit of food and going to bed now.

EDIT: is it odd that I can't shake the feeling that I forgot to flush the toilet last time I used it? I mean, why wouldn't I have right? But like... that's gross if I didn't. It's BUGGING ME. But I can't just ask my roommate HEY DID I FLUSH BEFORE YOU WENT IN LAST because... that's weird. Very weird. It will just have to plague me.

The more time I spend with a roommate here the more I hope this 3 bedroom thing with claire and charles works out because I find myself really not wanting to be at home just for annoyance. Which is bad when you have a paper to write.




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