Nov. 21st, 2003


Nov. 21st, 2003 11:19 am
i got ffx-2 yesterday! SO HAPPY! It's so wierd to play. You can go back to all these places that you went to before but the music is different and sometimes the places themselves have changed. it's crazy. And Yuna is NOT a pop star. i don't know who it was that was telling me that but she's NOT. which is good. Gawwwwwd i want to just skip rehearsal tonight and go play that instead. i really really really do. but i can't. which is sad.

i should be writing an essay right about now so that way i don't have to do it over the weekend thus giving me more game time but i am so not inspired to do it. at all. besides, i would just have to print it and then retype it when i got home anyway. but i guess that's better than writing it from scratch. I'm so behind in calculus again. i miss one day and i'm forever confused. it shouldn't be confusing because it's just a combination of everything we've done before. maybe it's the fact that i don't remember everything coming back to bite me in the ass. i hate when that happens. And i just really don't want to do it. my motivation to keep up died when i got sick. seriously. fate just doesn't want me to be organized. *sigh*

and i have to turn in those two essays on monday instead of tuesday because i'm going out of town tuesday for thanksgiving. It's so warm. it doesn't feel like thanksgiving at all. it's downright toasty.

so tired. and bored. and unmotivated. wargh. just dont' want to do annyyytthinnggg.

and i still have Real Emotion stuck in my head.

what can i do for you....



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