Oct. 13th, 2003


Oct. 13th, 2003 01:03 pm
government is gay. no wait. i need to break the habit of calling thing gay. it's stupid. we'ere supposed to be answering questions like "In what ways has the power of the Presidency been expanded in recent years?" and "Debate the merits of pregressive and regressive taxes"

don't feel like it.

boring boring day.

i hope bemis lets me do lights for Les Mis. i want to do something on performance nights, but i really didn't want to be IN it. Stupid potatoes burned me out like hell.

Liz didn't get the part she wants, and it sucks for her i guess. I can tell she's pretty bummed but is trying not to show it. Maybe she'll feel better soon. i hope so. a sad liz is not a good liz. :( FEEL BETTER LIZ I LOV0RZ J00

ok ok ok i should do work now. blaarrrrghhhh.
do do do......

for a monday the 13th, today actually went okay. Maybe it's cuz it was my dad's birthday too. yeah. Art was pretty well useless though. I can't focus in that class at all. not to mention i was dog tired and my back hurt all hour.

uhm...... well, i also witnessed something disturbing in the parking lot. John and Diana eating each others faces. This is bad because John used to be cool. I used to like him, even, for the inner geek inside. But no, he reveals his true stupid self by going and dating Diana the peppy cheerleader. I think it's mostly residue from when i liked him. and maybe i still did a little, but not that much. it was just really wierd to see. They just seemed so................ unlikely or something. Well, still, it was creepy. it wasn't angering, it was CREEPY. I think part of it is john's freakish resemblence to frodo baggins. it was like frodo with a goatee making out with a cheerleader. It was like something out of the sick mind of a mary sue fanficcer.

fear. fear alot.

i got a new set of battery powered christmas lights for around the windsheild of my car. i am glitzy once again! I love little things like that. They make me happy. And i love that these little things do make me happy.

woah. okay, excessive cheese factor. time for bed.

i didn't read that stuff for english or study calculus. oops.




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