Sep. 2nd, 2003

[Name]: Anne
[Name Backwards]: ennA
[Does Your Name Mean Anything?]: not that i know of
[Were You Named After Anyone?]: my mum's middle name i guess
[Nick Name(s)]: Annieannie
[Screen Name(s)]: Jianna mostly
[Date of Birth]: Feb. 5. 1986
[Current Location]: Carlsbad, NM
[Height]: 5'1"
[Weight]: 95 measly lbs.
[Shoe Size]: 5
[Hair Colour]: Brown
[Eye Colour]: Really dark Brown.
[Innie or Outie?]: Inny. outies are gross.
[Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: Righty.
[Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?]: Straight, mostly. Does liking gay guys make me extra straight?

[Any Sisters?]: ...One
[Any Brothers?]: none
[Any Pets?]: one really old cranky cat
[A Disease?]: no?
[A Pager?]: No.
[A Personal Phone Number?]: no
[A Leather Jacket With Studs On It?]: nopr
[A Heroin Needle?]: ick no
[A Pool or Hot Tub?]: No.
[A Car?]: yup

[Personality]: i get obsessive about things like movies and boys and games, but otherwise i'm pretty laid back really.
[Driving]: "jarring" according to my sister
[Car or One You Want]: mostly '96 jeep cherokee without 4wd and an automatic with pictures of hot anime boyz pinned all over the headliner.
[Room]: My own. covered in layers and layers of junk
[Shoes]: 2 pairs that i actually wear.
[School]: way too spread out. kinda dumb too.
[Bed]: unmade.
[Relationship With Your Parent(s)]: great with my dad, not so great with my mom

[Like to Drive?]: yes. with all 4 windows rolled down on an autumn evening with the music on louder than it should be.
[Get Motion Sickness?]: no, thank god.
[Eat Chicken Fingers With a Fork?]: No. only losers do that.
[Dream in Color?]: Yes.
[Type With Your Fingers on Homerow?]: always.
[Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?]: Yes. he's really old an dirty and smells a little wierd but i love him anyway.
[Believe In Yourself?]: usually.
[Do You Believe In Love at First Sight?]: No. there's a reason the divorce rate is so high people.
[Consider Yourself a Good Listener?]: I try to be
[Consider Yourself a Good Friend?]: i try to be
[Get Along With Your Parents?]: dad - yes. mom - not really.
[Save Your E-mails?]: never.
[Save Your Chat Conversations?]: nope
[Like to Make Fun of People?]: all the damn time, you bigfacedloserhead.
[Like to Talk on the Phone?]: bleh no.

[Right Next to You?]: loads of crap i don't know what to do with so i just toss it by my computer
[On the Walls of Your Room?]: lots and lots of posters.
[On Your Mouse Pad?]: i had an utena mousepad, but i dont' know where it is anymore :(
[Your Dream Car?]: mine :)
[Your Dream Honeymoon Spot?]: don't plan on marrying
[Your Bedtime?]: when i get tired.
[Under Your Bed?]: a trundle (sp?) bed.
[Your Bad Time of the Day?]: morning
[Your Worst Fear(s)?]: spiders and people i know dying.
[The Time?]: 12:25 a.m. (bad!)
[The Date?]: September 2, 2003 technically.
[The Best Trick You've Ever Played on Someone?]: none that i can think of
[Your Funniest Experience?]: lots and lots
[Your Scariest Moment?]: uh.. dunno
[The Silliest Thing You've Ever Said?] lots of them
[The Worst Feeling in the World?]: anxiety..
[The Best Feeling in the World?]: content or confident

[Number?]: 42!
[Color?]: Red or navy lately.
[Month?]: October
[Song?]: Eric Serra - Leeloo
[Movie?]: The Fifth Element.
[Food?]: Thai!
[Season?]: Fall
[Sport?]: Quidditch =B
[Class?]: Yoga
[Teacher?]: :michaelski. kekekeke
[Drink?]: root beer or iced tea
[Veggie?]: the stuff in the baby greens salad
[TV Show?]: Queer as Folk
[Radio Station?]: icky.
[Store?]: Hot Topic *ashamed of her trendiness*
[Animal?]: nice ones
[Flower?]: Orchids
[State?]: not New Mexico.

[Me/You]: Me
[Coke/Pepsi]: Pepsi
[Day/Night]: Evening?
[Aol/Aim]: Aim.
[Cd/Casette]: CD.
[Dvd/Vhs]: DVD.
[Jeans/khakis]: jeans
[Car/Truck]: SUV?
[Tall/Short]: Short
[Lunch/Dinner]: Dinner
[NSYNC/BSB]: .... :(
[Britney/Christina]: Christina
[Gap/Old Navy]: .... :(
[Lipstick/Lip gloss]: Lip Gloss.
[Silver/Gold]: silver
[Alcohol/Weed]: blech no. xx
[Do you have a bf/gf?]: no. but if i could i would date a hobbit <3
[Do you have a crush?]: kinda. it's going away finally i think
[If you're single... why are you single?]:because i'm a manhating feminazi!
[If you're not single... give details?]: loser.
[How long was your longest relationship?]: loser.
[How long was your shortest relationship?]:loser.
[Who was your first love?]: Zelgadis Graywords from Slayers <3
[What do you miss about them?]: THE ROCKS ON HIS FACE
[What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?]: i dunno.
[What is the last thing you said?]: "shut up." (at my screeching computer)
[Who is the last person you saw?]: My dad
[Who is the last person you kissed?]: dad prolly
[Who is the last person you hugged?]: dad prolly.
[Who is the last person you fought with?]: Liz.
[Who is the last person you were on the phone with?]: uh. vanessa?
[What is the last TV show you saw?]: I love the 70's
[What are you wearing?]: A towel :-[
[What are you doing?]: wishing i had food.
[Who are you talking to?]: nobody's on :(
[What song are you listening to?]: FF7 Main Theme Orchestrated
[Where are you?]: My room
[Who are you with?]: nobody.
[How are you feeling?]: better.
[Are you in a chatroom?]: yes. #krap ahoy.
[What day is it tomorrow?]: Technically, wednsday.
[What are you going to do after this?]: Sleep.
[Who are you going to talk to?]: i don't generally talk in my sleep, nosey.
[Where are you going to go?]: STALKER!
[How old will you be when you graduate?]: 18
[What do you want to be?]: egad don't ask me that *terror*

[Drank?]: at church and weddings, but that doesn't really count.
[Smoked?]: hell no.
[Had sex?]: No. because i'm a MANHATER like that.
[Stolen?]: well, i took a shirt from my sister once
[Done anything illegal?]: I have mp3's. GASP. eat my ass RIAA.
[Wanted to die?]: not really.
[Hit someone?]: Yes
[What do you most like about your body?]: uh. I guess my back cuz it's bendy
[And least?]: my butt cuz it's non-existant
[How many fillings do you have?]: 2 or 3.
[Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?]: sometimes. hotornot only gives me a 7 >:O
[Do you look like any celebrities?]: someone said i looked like christina ricci once.

[Do you wear a watch?]: nope
[How many coats and jackets do you own?]: 2?.
[Favorite pants/skirt color?]: denim for pants, black for skirts.
[Most expensive item of clothing?]: pleather pants, 70 bucks o.O
[What kind of shoes do you wear?]:boots.
[Describe your style in one word]: uh.. i dunno?
[How old are you mentally?]: uh. i dunno?
[What is your worst quality?]: I obsessssss
[What is your best quality?]: i don't get angsty for long periods of time.
[How long does it take you get ready in the mornings]: depends.
[Did you like this quiz?]: NO IT SUCKS DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE

ok then.



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