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Sep. 1st, 2006 10:01 am
No spoilers (i'm only an hour in) and I have but one thing to say:

Shion's original voice actress is back <3 <3 <3

I want to not have to go to school today and stay at home and be a big video game BUM.
I also don't have to leave for another hour or so and I am BORED.

today was as lame as a monday ever has been. Early morning doc appointment to get a new BC prescription but I couldn't get the full exam cuz I'm all messed up due to getting off last week so I just get one month and I have to go back on the 15th for another early morning appointment but this time it's the whole thing.

And then I had lab in the evening. I guess it wasn't THAT bad but the lab partner I ended up with hasn't had chemistry in a long time (which is weird since I'm in 112 not 11) but that means I'm going to have to be explaining pretty much everything to him the whole way through, I predict. LAME.

Have also slept on the couch the past two days cuz RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE. Haven't decided if I'm going to try again tonight. Last night I didn't sleep for CRAP.

HOWEVER! I did go to the office and ask about that and I was expecting to be told that that's just how the A/C but the lady said it really shouldn't be like that and sent a maintenence person to check out how it actually sounded and she said that it's normal for it to have mechanical noise over there because the three a/c units (for our apartment and the two below us) are on our roof. But she said it's not supposed to be that loud and that it probably means something is up with one of them. Supposedly somebody will be coming by to check out the units tomorrow. I HOPE IT GETS BETTER I WILL BE SO MAD IF IT DOESN'T. But at least it really IS louder than normal and I'm not just being a big princess-and-the-pea pussy. =\

Hey guess who's already behind in reading for classes! Inevitable =\

I never signed up for piano lessons again this semester. I just toally spaced it. I'm pretty sure it's not too late but I have to find some lady named York but I don't know anythign else about her but the last name or anything. Shouldn't be that hard I just have to actually like... Do it.

Xenosaga III comes out tomorrow (more like wednesday in reality) but I dunno when I'm actually going to buy it. Rent's coming up and my next paycheck is going to be like half of what it should be I think? Something like that. Soooo... Shelling out 40 bucks for a game doesn't sound like a very good idea. And I'm still bitter about XSII. I started replaying it and it is most definitely worse than I remember from the first time through. The acting the directing the gameplay EVERYTHING is just... GNAR. Ok it had a few shining moments. but FEW. Bah.

I should get ready for bed.



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