Well its apparently HIVES but just... really fuck-off big ones. I got a shot, some blood drawn, and a bunch of pills, and a followup next week. I wish I knew what the hell was doing this D:

The swelling's gone down in my eye but my shoulder's still bothering me a whole lot. Plus I missed class which I hate hate hate doing.

Oh, and my Ecology professor is a big jerk and CHANGED our out-of-class assignment from friday on webct, so the one I did on friday isn't the same assigment that is uploaded there now. I emailed him but, what the fuck.

I think I'm still going to lab today because making up labs is... yeah. Sigh. :(

My Eye: swollen shut. jf;aslkdjf It's amazing how much only having one eye impairs the vision though. graaah.

My shoulder: about a 4 inch diameter circle of swollenness that makes it hurt to raise my arm

Casanova: It's like the Doctor is spending a few years in that 18th century to sex up some ladies and IIII LIKE IT.

Homework: Pretty much didn't get anything done due to distraction of the eye.

Sleep: postponed due to hunger. consuming pop tarts.

Venture Brothers: FUCKIN' MISSED. Is it on the fix? please tell me it's on the fix :(!

Ok back to bed and up annoyingly early to visit the clinic.

so uhm

my face is swelling around my eye. Like alot. Like my eye is pratically swollen shut. It's not like pink eye where it's the actualy EYE that's the problem it's just the area around it.

It was a bit annoying this morning when I woke up but it's been getting progressively worse as the day goes on. Going to the health center first thing tomorrow morning. Ugh. i look like Quasimodo (pictures possible later)

in other news, a new Casanova movie thing is coming on PBS with DAVID TENNANT as Casanova. Sup my scottish lovely, I will watch you even if it's with just one eye :-*
(yes yes, i'm retarded)

EDIT: picture )
ARGH random bits of me are still swelling up! There's a spot on my hip now and my toe! WHAT IS GOING ON :(
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy am i so sound sensitive? I don't remember being this big of a pssy. The rumble is back.... sorta. It doesn't seem quite so severe but i STILL can't sleep through it! GNA;LKJ. I suck. I was on the couch but charles' radio alarm has gone off and while he seems to be sleeping through it, I sure can't.

My right forefinger is also swollen for no apparent reason. It's really weird. I don't have any other symptoms, just... swollen finger. It's hard to type. I'm depating whether I should go to the clinic for it or not.

"well what's wrong?"
"my finger's swollen."
"anything else?"
"well. my finger's swollen"

actually I have two bug bit looking things on my bum but I don't see how that's finger related. And I've had things like those before. They're annoying but they go away. shrug :( :(

I wanna go back to sleeeeeeep but i caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't :(

edit: whoops, was going to post this at about 6:30 or something but didn't do it right an djust left it. gj!



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