Hive Status: mostly cleared up (H2 blockers yay!)

Class Status: Just took a Chemistry test, I should have done pretty darn good on it. The last question was about the Bronsted-Lowry definition of an acid and there's a different definition I forgot the name of but I got the two mixed up. So I missed one, dunno about the rest. I outsmarted one of the ones I was stuck on. It was asking about which G value would have the highest K value and I was like "...uuuhh...." but there was an equation for it so I just plugged in the two most extreme answers and figured it out :D HO HO.

Paper Status: lol.

Sign outside a Church Status: "Stop Drop and Roll doesn't work in hell!"

Work Status: Been out of assignments all week and therefore doing nothing. If I worked at some form of big corporation I'd have been laid off by now.

Neuroses Status: I am way too hard on myself. If I get good grades on things I tend to not really feel all that proud of myself just "Well, that's what I expect of me" and go on. So when I do bad it's just... bjawkwjark. I'm INSANE.

Registration Status: Completed. On TIME for a change! I picked the Friday afternoon lab, but I should have a little while to figure out which I want. Well, I don't want either. But... you know.
Today I acheived this: Nothing.


82% on ecology. Eh again, but I feel justified in blaming that one on the test being extremely poorly written. And I care less about that class than chemistry. says it's going to be 65 tomorrow :D
even if i have to take it off by the afternoon.

I broke the copier at the office today :(
I don't know what I did but i was printing out some form letters and it just had a seizure or... something (lupus! vasculitus!) and refused to go back to normal. My job would be so much less tedious if my bosses would be clear enough in their instructions that I didn't have to go back through everything three times cuz they keep thinking of stuff they forgot to tell me in the first plaacceeeeeeeeee

I need to get cracking on my Art and Mythology paper. It has to be done before thanskgiving break and 15-20 pages is alot!

this is a boring entry.
11 hours is far too long to be on campus. I don't think I blew that test completely but... eh. I don't know. Confidence: low. Once again, I didn't FAIL it but I just have that feeling of being SO SURE i could have worked harder and done better etc etc perfectionism

Next week:
monday: Ecology test
tuesday: Japanese presentation
friday: Ecology paper

Is one's 2.5x older than you boss loaning you Jeremy Brett DVD's cool or creepy? cuz that's what my boss did today. And I've got The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes taunting me while I have no time to watch it ToT

I'm gonna.... go.... boil my head or something.
Well its apparently HIVES but just... really fuck-off big ones. I got a shot, some blood drawn, and a bunch of pills, and a followup next week. I wish I knew what the hell was doing this D:

The swelling's gone down in my eye but my shoulder's still bothering me a whole lot. Plus I missed class which I hate hate hate doing.

Oh, and my Ecology professor is a big jerk and CHANGED our out-of-class assignment from friday on webct, so the one I did on friday isn't the same assigment that is uploaded there now. I emailed him but, what the fuck.

I think I'm still going to lab today because making up labs is... yeah. Sigh. :(

My Eye: swollen shut. jf;aslkdjf It's amazing how much only having one eye impairs the vision though. graaah.

My shoulder: about a 4 inch diameter circle of swollenness that makes it hurt to raise my arm

Casanova: It's like the Doctor is spending a few years in that 18th century to sex up some ladies and IIII LIKE IT.

Homework: Pretty much didn't get anything done due to distraction of the eye.

Sleep: postponed due to hunger. consuming pop tarts.

Venture Brothers: FUCKIN' MISSED. Is it on the fix? please tell me it's on the fix :(!

Ok back to bed and up annoyingly early to visit the clinic.
Today was longggggggg

Botched my Chemistry Lab Post-Lab questiong but it was my own dumb fault =\

Japanese club was.... 3 people. me, the president girl, and one other girl i'd never seen before. there was another dude there that was a friend of the president but denied affiliation. New plan is to have 2 meetings a month on different days of the week to make it more open to more people. Otherwise we sat around for like an hour and a half talking about final fantasy and anime and it was the most nerdy discussion i've had outside the internet ... probably ever. But anyhow.

I was toooootally out of it during lab cuz I was dying of hunger. I was planning on eating after japanese club and before lab but since we nerded out for so long I just had to go without. Afterward I downed a whopper and fries. My arterrieesssssssssssss

Ok going to do week-late kanji homework I forgot and maybe draw something (!)

For tomorrow: Ecology reading (Chapter 8 and Web CT article) and PICK A DAMN GREEK HERO ALREADY.
This morning is eewwww.

Went to bed at around 3 AM because I was doing Chemistry and .... reading Jeeves and Wooster fanfic ... and by then I was like DEAR GOD I NEED TO JUST GO TO BED. I was sort of hungry but I was too tired/lazy to make food so I went to bed hungry, which never really works cuz then I sleep badly. I did manage to fall asleep but I had a dream that somebody was bombing us, but it was a really really super weird dream. There were yachts involved? I don't really remeber. I think our bomb shelter was a tent. That's.... effective.


There's a Japanese Club meeting today. I never went last year because it was during my piano lesson. It's kind of ALOT inconvenient though because my last class gets out at 3:30, the meeting is at 4:00 and I have a lab at 6. An hour/An hour and a half is not enough time to go home in between. So if I go to this meeting I will be on campus from 11:00 AM till probably 8:00 PM

I guess I can decide after ecology if I'm gonna stay and if I do, buy some food on campus or something.

Speaking of which I could use some more food than just cereal and to finish getting ready.

God, I am having SEVERE slacking problems!

Due Tuesday I have a paper about a video we watched thursday in mythology and a Japanese quiz. I haven't even picked a subject for my midterm paper in mythology, and I have to study for a Japanese test tuesday AND I have to go to lab tomorrow so I'll have way less time to do any of it in!



Sort it OUT, Anne!

dangit do I feel poor! Here is a list of things I need/want to use money on

-Cable TV/Internet bill
-Gas bill
-Electric bill
-1st Cultural Series concert (Jazz Singer from Russia whose name i'd have to look up)
-That T-shirt if I get an A
-Halloween supplies (black pants, deerstalker, top hat, cane)
-Whatever they make me pay for at the Doctor tomorrow.

I don't want to have to ask for money again before October D:

I haven't even been studying enough to justify working as little as I do.

ok ok ok.
This weekend. I will get caught up in Mythology reading, make vocab and kanji flashcards for Japanese, do Chemistry lab homework, and get caught up on Ecology as well. I finished Xenosaga so I should be less easily distracted at least. D:

More stuff

Aug. 26th, 2006 11:32 pm
So in the middle of summer I got this email from the Biology department about this program for Biology/Medical students where you work with a faculty member on research stuff during the school year and then really hardcore in the summer. And at first I looked at the application requirements and was like "OH GOD I'm not sure enough of what I want to do for this" and sort of disregarded it. But the deadline got pushed back and at a open house type thing for my job, my boss was running around introducing me to Bio faculty (while I was having a social anxiety panic attack) a few of whom encouraged me to try for the program. So I went back and looked at the original email and it's doable even though I only have 2 weeks to writing an application letter, related resume, and interview at least 3 faculty members to see who I would prefer as a mentor for the program. Gah. But ... one of the parts about it that worries me (along with my social anxiety about interviewing faculty) is that you're expected to stay in the program through your senior year. And then with the summer that takes away any possibility of study abroad I might have considered (though I wasn't considering very seriously just yet).

It's like I'm afraid t apply for it. For one there is my horrible hideous shyness problem and I know that shouldn't keep me from doing it but I don't know... I feel like my resistance to trying for it is stronger than that. Fear of failure so I don't want to try? Fear I will hate it? WHAT?! I don't know. I know I should really try to do it but something seriously is making me FREAK OUT ABOUT IT. Like right now. As I just write about doing it I'm feeling SO STRESSED AND PANICKY AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. Like tearing up anxiety. I'm serious. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME GUYS :(

I guess I don't really feel all that passionate about my major at the moment. After how much I hated biology last semester and how I'm really not looking forward to my current one I just don't know what I want and I feel like everything I'm doing is nothing that I want to do! BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO :(

Ben Folds is right. It really DOES suck to grow up.
Maaaaaaaan I went to the registration page to un-register for Human Sexuality next semester because I decided I didn't want to do 17 credits in a semester again, but like... my Gothic Lit class was cancelled! :'(

That meant I could swith out of the 8:55 AM chem class but... I was all looking forward to that! WOE. I couldn't really find any class I wanted to take it's place. I claimed the last spot in The New Testament as Literature but... I think that's going to make me want to DIE and I'll probably be un-signing up for it eventually :(


I can survive finals week and not FAIL as long as I use my time wisely. So. Today I should:

-Write Japanese composition
-Read Chapter 11 in Chemistry
-Review Chem Test 1

We're supposed to write a letter for our composition and I'm not sure what to do. I think I might pretend to be on vacation in africa to be slightly less boring. I need a better non-online dictionary really badly though D:


May. 4th, 2006 09:06 pm

Test was ok except for vein and muscle questions (duh)
feeling a bit bummed about that.

What I'm REALLY feeling bummed about though.... is that we were supposed to do these diagram things *during* lab last week and I didn't. And also somehow got it into my head that it was like... not required. But. It totally was. The TA's letting me turn it into her box but I'm not entirely sure whate we're even supposed to draw! Like, I know it's the heart, but like... from what view/crosssection? I DON'T KNOWWWWW


Want to curl up in a ball and sleep. D:

Uggghhh I can't do even a little bad at school without feeling ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
If there is any significant amount of questions about musculature on this test I am SCREWED.

I want this semester to END D:

Unrelated, is there anyone out there who can hook me up with the last 10 episodes (or any of them, if not all) of Yakitate! Japan? I neglected them for a long time (obviously) and now that summer is coming up I'd like to finish it and... stuff.

I'll back you cookies. Or some other (more internet plausible) return favor :)







By the end of today, i will finish typing up the rest of my notes and tomorrow in my between class time i will hopefully work out answers to the sample essay questions and after that... i have no idea.

I am sooooooooo not ready for this test and I never will be :'(
Today I must lock myself in my room to study.

I really... don't wanna

For every 40 minutes of studying I do I can watch an episode of either Blood + or Cowboy Bebop. I don't wanna faaaaaaaaaailllll ;_;
I came home after Japanese because I was going to work on my lab.

Of course, I'm not.


I feel a bit like take a trip home because it's been a really long time since I have, but I'm not going to have time for a long time!
This weekend there's some Tibetan Monks doing.... Tibetan Monk things an dI want to go see, as well as that screening of Rocky Horror.
Next weekend is the last weekend before Finals which I should spend working and if I go home no work will be done.
Weekend after that is my sister's graduation, and my dad's coming up to visit for that anyway. And I have to move.


ok really. work.
Either I'm doing something wrong or my teachers are doing something wrong this semester.

cuz I took a total nosedive on my latest Biology test.



Now he's talking about offering a makeup test like my Chemistry teacher did. Obviously I will be doing it. But serioulsy what is wrong here? I don't remember ever having this hard of a time with a class, ever. I guess this class (and chemistry to a lesser extent) covers such an immense amount of material when I study I end up going more for getting the generalities down first and the specifities second, but the problem is that the test consists of alot of specificities. I almost wish the guy would be giving us homework. Or... something. I HAVE NO IDEA. ;___;





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