i just took two of my bc pills. cuz I forgot I had taken it already i guess? cuz i just accidentally took friday's. But I don't remember taking one already? WTF! I'm so confused. I guess if I end up super sick to my stomach I'll know why. But... I really don't remember taking one! did I do that yesterday? I mean... wait. I have no idea. does this mean I don't take one tomorrow?

And it is thursday right?

It must be thursday.
I never could get the hang of thursdays :(

This does not bode well for the rest of the day, I must say.
Haha I had a dream and Commodore Norrington had gone all HARDCORE PIRATE CAPTAIN
;klasjd;flakshd;ha;gha;wlhgh Hot :(

Anyway I've been moving my sister for the past few days and it's tiring.

Haven't even started seriously moving me yet D:
o sigh.
It is impossible to enter data in time with Niccolo Paganini.

I know.

I just tried.
Reading old entries makes me realize how much i seem to suck at catching my own typos. "I took too long geting reading" and "I know know how I feel about..." I don't even know what I was trying for with that one D:

WHY do all of my black bras end up misshapen? I only got this one like... a month ago. and It's showing signs of bizarre curling on the edges. WHY VICKY'S SECRET. Your bras have never failed me before. Except the black ones aparently.



We watched Orphee in my class, if anyone's seen it. I think I'm crushing a little on Heurtebise, one of Death's minions. He's more attractive in character tbh. Oh well. Couldn't find a pic :(

What's with me and celebrities that are dead already :(


May. 29th, 2006 01:45 am
[livejournal.com profile] capslockhouserp


Back to the Ell Cee tomorrow and summer school starts the day after that.

The library doesn't seem to want to hire me.

Non spoilery commentary on the end of KHII:


That said, I did finish and I did enjoy it but oh GOD IT JUST KEPT GOING


Apr. 19th, 2006 10:07 am
I just missed the maitenance guy that was going to fix our fridge because I was naked D:!

I had just gotten out of the shower and somebody knocked at the door and I was like O NOES so I was trying to get dressed really fast and then he UNLOCKS THE DOOR and comes in and was like ANYBODY HOME and I was ';kLA;WDHFja;sd!" because I was STILL MOSTLY NAKED and didn't want to say anything and he was right in the other room and it was so awkward D:

And then he left. a;sldkfa;whf.
and I will never get around to playing KHII at this rate )
The hell is THIS all about?

I keep getting random IM's cuz of it and I have no idea who would have put my AIM name on it? Seriously WHAT.

EDIT: ok nevermind it's gone now. but there was this post that said like, "first person to IM me at OMG Ford Prefect gets a pic of my tits" or something? I didn't even know about until people started iming me asking for pics and i was like what the hell is going ON.

odd :(



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