This morning is eewwww.

Went to bed at around 3 AM because I was doing Chemistry and .... reading Jeeves and Wooster fanfic ... and by then I was like DEAR GOD I NEED TO JUST GO TO BED. I was sort of hungry but I was too tired/lazy to make food so I went to bed hungry, which never really works cuz then I sleep badly. I did manage to fall asleep but I had a dream that somebody was bombing us, but it was a really really super weird dream. There were yachts involved? I don't really remeber. I think our bomb shelter was a tent. That's.... effective.


There's a Japanese Club meeting today. I never went last year because it was during my piano lesson. It's kind of ALOT inconvenient though because my last class gets out at 3:30, the meeting is at 4:00 and I have a lab at 6. An hour/An hour and a half is not enough time to go home in between. So if I go to this meeting I will be on campus from 11:00 AM till probably 8:00 PM

I guess I can decide after ecology if I'm gonna stay and if I do, buy some food on campus or something.

Speaking of which I could use some more food than just cereal and to finish getting ready.
I had another Cedar Point/Roller Coaster dream! I was just running around riding stuff and I wanted someone to go on the Gemini with me and go on the other train so we could RACE but for some reason Amanda was there but decided she didn't wanna go on it (gosh, THANKS). So I was walking around all moping and ended up complaining to some (vaguely dweeby) guy who worked there. And he felt bad for me and went on it with me. I somehow ended up with my ipod out on it and i nearly lost it but managed to pull it back and catch it with the headphones. And it was all very weird.

I think like 60% or more of my dreams are roller coaster related and nearly all my roller coaster dreams are based in Cedar Point. Probably because that's the only place I've ever actually ridden roller coasters. But anyhow.

Today is my first day of work =O
I had a dream last night about high school but it was only kind of like our high school. I remember saying hi to somebody I recognized (I think it was supposed to be Adam Radatz but that's not what I called him). And there was alot about doing a lab that was supposed to involve raising a snake but for some reason we had to cut it in half or something D:

I left my towels (and my bathrobe) with my sister after washing them. Oops. What a bad hitchhiker I am (plus I couldn't shower this morning).

And someone FINALLY posted another fic to [ profile] cox_and_co! It's been dead for SOOO LONNNGGG. I should try to draw something for it today (I dunno if I'll actually get around to it or not). It was super active for a while and now it's all sand and tumbleweeds. Woez.

Ooook. Now for more film class, this time with a Brazilian version of Orphee.
ARGH Last night's episode of House got to me because I had this dream about some epidemic that made parts of you get all nasty and inflated like that guy ;____;
Gross out factor on that episode was like 20938402385 times higher than normal D:

Somebody told me there was supposed to be a Jack Moriarty on that episode, but unless that was the bald guy's name and they just didn't tell anybody I have been LIED TO AND DECIEVED.

Anyway. Going back to Carlsbad for a few days today finally. I wish the library would call about those jobs or something :(

EDIT: Lolololol this guy TOTALLY understands like, PAIN AND SUFFERING
aw i'm dumb and closed this window when I was nearly done writing this and lost the whole thing. Now i have to do it AGAIN.


Spent most of yesterday at Charles' house doing laundry and playing MGS3. Then watched The Omen at Al's house. Even being the wuss that I am I didn't find it scary at all. Old effects and crappy soundtracks do that to me.

But speaking of being a wuss.

I managed to have a dream about Silent Hill 4 without ever having played it! It was only that game because Manda and Russell had played it earlier (though i wasn't even there). except it was nothing like silent hill at all. It was just a random composite of stuff-anne-thinks-is-scary combined with a little bit of mgs3 thrown in in the form of snakes and bugs crawling on the ground in predictable patterns (like they do). I think there was something about a little girl and i think her brother and there was something wrong with her and the only thing i really remember was at one point some evil monster thing trying to escape it's way out of her? and it was totally a game-dream because right before I woke up i was trying to save my game.

Sigh. I am so LAME.
Aaaaahhh how did I sleep in so much?

I wasn't even up that late I just... slept for 10 hours o.O

I also had a really odd dream that involved me running into Dr. Cox and telling him about dissecting things, having to carry some plant of his around to take it to some competition thing and it weighed like 50 pounds even though it was just a tiny cactuslike thing, and me and Manda planning on performing the Producers (cuz we so would anyway).

I've got this weird little circle of dry skin on my leg that I don't understand. It seems to be getting better but it's still odd.

Bleh. Oversleeping makes me feel icky. Anyway, off to the pharmacy before I forget AGAIN.



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