Mar. 10th, 2009

You can tell I'm gettin sick of writing papers when stuff like this comes out:

"Another contradiction we would come across regularly is the Openness-Closedness dialectic. This dialectic refers to the tension in a relationship between being open with others and wanting to keep some things private. With my sister, I was becoming more open, particularly about difficult issues within our family that we weren’t even aware of before she went to college, but there were still some things I chose not to talk to her about, which I won’t be describing in a relationship analysis paper, seeing as I wouldn’t even tell my sister about them. My sister also kept things to herself, which obviously I don’t know about specifically because she didn’t tell me."

....... should I leave it? The TA did say to keep them interesting because she has to read a jillion of them...

I also dolled up my layout FINALLY. It has the same basic scheme as my myspace but oh well.

I should upload some more icons at some point, probably, seeing as I've only been using one for the past year and a half or something insane.
MORE TALES FROM ACADEMIA (and then I'll stop spamming you):

"For example, we became close enough after I moved to Las Cruces that unintelligible noises in various tones could be accurately interpreted by the other. So, if my sister said in a certain tone, “EEEEeeerrgh!” while reaching for something from the couch, I’d toss her the remote.


"This is always awkward, but luckily in most cases we could ease the situation by the person on the receiving end saying “EEEEeeerrgh!” and the revealer replying, “Oh, sorry dude, guess that was too much information.”"

I just need to write a conclusion but I'm bad at those :(



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