Mar. 9th, 2009

Today was a waaaaaaaaaaaaste. Sorta. I read the first half of Persepolis for my class, and then went on to read most of the second half. Problem is, I have two other assignments I should have been working on - Evaluations of Databases for Library Science, and a stupid communications paper, where we're supposed to analyze our relationship with somebody. And I have no idea what to write about unless I write about something depressing (i.e. anything involving my dad). Unless I wrote about my boy FAILURES but that's still kind of sad-ish and also pathetic. Hurrrrrrrr. This is a situation in which being a 23 year old with zero boyfriend history becomes a distinct disadvantage. We can write about any relationship, but something like that would be the easiest for evaluating it based on the stages of relationship building blah blah blah in our books, at any rate. And it's supposed to be 5 pages long. WHAT.

Also Daylight Savings Time WHAT.

Also wasted a ton of time reading Watchmen related crap. I think I have a problem with characters that have multiple personas. Not so much multiple personalities schizophrenia stuff, just factioning of personality aspects. Main example of the moment obviously being Rorschach vs. Walter Kovacs. But this also includes Snake vs. Dave, Otacon vs. Hal, Mr. Orange vs. Freddy Newandyke, even Nite Owl vs. Daniel Dreiberg, a little bit (at least where his nether regions are concerned hurr hurr hurr). This doesn't really apply to traditional superheroes as much as I would expect it to. Steve Rogers simply is Captain America, Tony Stark is Iron Man, even when he's suit-piloting under the influence, Peter Parker and Spider-man simply are the same people. Those identities are isolated for completely different reasons.

I wonder if this has any connection to the fact that I totally wish I had a nickname? If so, it is disturbing. lol it's late and I'm going to hate tomorrow morning so much :(
I had the worst night of not-sleeping ever last night. Was up til two, tried to go to sleep, maybe fell asleep for a bit between 4 and 5, then again between 6 and 7, but that was it. It was brutal D:

Brain would not shut UP about shit, from dumb fandom crap to really depressing life crap and I couldn't get my temperature right at all, I was either way too hot or too cold or hungry or WHATEVER and now I feel like deeeaaaattthhhhhh.
I just remembered another dual persona guy for my list - Grimmer and the Magnificent Steiner in Monster.


Grimmer :'(

Now I want to watch that show again.



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