Feb. 25th, 2009

Man, how is it that the second half of Yakitate! Japan is so much crappier than the first half? The first half is amazing. From the Monaco cup onward it just kind falls apart. It just gets painfully redundant, especially where Kawachi is concerned. He asserts himself as a good baker in the newcomer's battle, is acknowledged by Suwabara and then...... goes back to being the show's punching bag. In Yakitate 9 he turns into a complete useless lump, even being the guy who says "Let's just give up." Really? This is the guy who kneaded his dough for 3 hours straight until he passed out because he wouldn't give up. Honestly. HONESTLY.

Also, Suwabara apparently doesn't know where babies come from? D:
Oh man I suck at large RP plots. The big tunnel thing in DC completely went crazy and I couldn't follow any of it and I'm so confused now and I don't think I posted in the Day 3 log at all oh god.

small incident plots ftw :(

In other news, I attempted wheat bread today. The result was hard and dense due to not enough kneading and subsequently not enough rising, and a complete failure to shape my dough properly.


I bought a pink headband but it makes the back of my hair look weird cuz it's like a full head band thing? Regular hard headbands don't get along with glasses though! Oh well, I'll only use it for baking and yoga anyway. And I have other colors than pink I'M NOT CRAZY OK?!

I want to be good at bread :(

I'm going to attempt Turkey Cutlet Curry with a recipe from my Japanese teacher. But not until Amanda gets over the Flu because I can't eat that much stuff by myself. In fact, it'll probably be like FEED AN ENTIRE FAMILY amounts of food.

Oh man, why am I not in bed?




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