Jan. 21st, 2009

Apartment is pissing me off again.

There's something alive behind our fridge. I heard it and tried to look for it with a flashlight, but I made too much noise in the process and whatever it was was gone. And it turns out behind the fridge is FUCKING FILTHY. This is unsurprising given the state of our house when we moved in. But holy fuck, there's like a Ruffles bag and disgusting amounts of dust clinging to EVERYTHING in a thick layer, there's a big chunk of broken glass, and apparently a mouse or something. Uuuggghhh. Also bugs. Still. We also don't have tile under our appliances which annoys me to no end. The whole kitchen needs serious help and I'm still pissed off on principle that none of it is my own mess. It's some lazy bitch's fault who lived here before. Lovely.


Somehow it's hot in my house without the heater on in January. It was like 70 degrees-ish today but come on man.

I remember January being colder than this before. Seriously. Like at least highs in the 50's regularly. Which is arguably not that cold at all but compared to 70 it is. Ick. Sooo worried about this house being intolerable in the summer, resulting in high electric bills, general discomfort and grouchiness. :(



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