Jan. 20th, 2009

I kind of liked AVEN (asexuality.org) for a while. Helped me feel less crazy. But now it's just driving me crazy and I think I'm going to quit going there. The brilliance:

"[nods head] Sounds right in line with all the rest of the badvertising for people to get out and have more sex."

"Sex just seems weird and silly. Ha ha, maybe it's just b/c I'm asexual. I mean really--who came up with the idea? It doesn't strike me as very intuitive. Say, for reproduction's sake: Did a guy and a girl just decide to stick their anatomies together and *poof* a baby would come out? Who comes up with this stuff?"

Same person as previous:
"And I still don't understand. What does this "foreplay" stuff involve?"

"f you've never checked out a singles forum, you're not missing much, because basically what they are is a bunch of kindergarteners who are glad they're of legal age. The men are so horny they'd readily perform sex acts in public, and the women are all teases who really think the guys are going to venture out to B**f*** Egypt to find them. They are made for each other IMO."

"no wonder why STDs/AIDS and DIVORCE are rampant problems in human relationships since most people have sex on their minds alot of the time or all the time."

Granted, it's not all that dumb, but there's alot of snobby "omg we're soooo much better than those animal sexual people!" as well as general ignorance going around. It's just kind of weirdly puritanical. "I'm not interested in sex" translates into "I'm better than people who want sex and I don't need to have any knowledge of how sex works!"

FFS. No wonder people don't take the so-called "asexuality movement" seriously.

There's too much gray area there anyway, with romantics and aromantics and demisexuals and other subsections making up names for themselves. Are some people genuinely asexual? I like to think so. Frankly, I don't see any compelling reason why it wouldn't be possible. Me? eh. I just want a convenient word that covers "I don't really know how I feel about sex, maybe if somebody comes around I'll be into the idea, but I don't feel compelled to actively seek it either, and I don't see why that's a big problem anyway, but I do wish we could drop the generalization that people MUST have lots of sex and not having sex just makes you a prude because that's crap and why is it such a big deal EH?! Leave me alone."

It's a big concept for a single word.

Lawl. It just gets tiring. I think I've been thinking about it lately because, love it though I do, the Vagina Monologues crowd is (unsurprisingly and not wrongly) a very sexually charged one. And quite often things will tangent off to sex and relationships and I'm just sitting there. It doesn't make me particularly uncomfortable, I just have nothing to contribute and so my mind wanders and posts like this happen.


I'm pretty excited for my Women and the Graphic Narrative class. Have to buy like 7 books for it or something insane. There's a couple other comic nerds and despite there being 3 or 4 guys in the class, all of the comic nerds were girls. Doh ho ho ho ho.



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