Jan. 5th, 2009

I tried to go to bed really early immediately when I started feeling tired, but now I'm up again and it kind of feels like I just took a nap. Dammit. I haven't slept well the past two days and I was hopeful when I first laid down but it seems to have backfired :(

Also, our kitchen has serious bug problems and it's COMPLETELY GROSSSSSSS. I went down for cookies and milk and saw like 3 at once, and then two more a little bit later. Gross gross grosssssssssss :((((((
That's another thing the landlord was like "oh yeah I'll come in and do that this weekend" ... weeks ago. Have to remind him. It's not all bad news on the apartment front though because he replaced our stove with a brand spankin' new one and it's pretty awesome.

Uuuhhm. Yeah. I bought a new coat today on sale at old navy. I like it, but in hindsight it wasn't really what I had in mind when I was looking at coats. What I intended to get was a mid-weight coat that looked nice that I could use when I didn't want to look frumpy in my sweatshirt jacket. What I got was another knee-length coat, this one wool and gray. It's still lighter that my other one, I think, since my other one is suede with short fur lining (both fake, I think? The fur is at least) but being long as it is it's still a bit more than I was going for. And thus, having bought that, Brisco County on DVD, and FFIV, I have already used up my Christmas money from my grandma.

OOOH. I applied finally for a Sony Credit Card because I decided to go for the 150$ rebate on a PS3 thing. Problem is, I waited waaaay too long to apply. I have to buy the console before the 31st of this month or the deal is void. I sent in my application online, but before they actually even look at it, I have to send them a copy of an electric bill for proof of address and then they review it, which they said can take up to 30 days. If it does, no PS3. I suppose that could be destiny's way of telling me not to buy expensive crap I don't need, rebate or no.

Bah. Going to Seattle on Tuesday. Going to be cold and wet and staying at a hotel with my mom. Oh boy. I'm ready to go back to school. Except I'm not really because it's my last semester and oh god D:

Ok, gonna try to go back to sleep, although I don't really feel that tired anymore. Whaaaaat the fuck.



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